Hari OM!

Beloved Sisters and Brothers

We’ve been called (literally, our dear friend and teacher phoned us up and recommended we start this blog!) to share our perspective on pregnancy from eyes of two yoga practitioners — me, Daya Devi, expecting mama, and Hari Das, the baby’s father!

About us and why we were inspired to begin this project..


We met as a full time staff member and a full time dedicated resident at the Sivananda Yoga Center in San Francisco in June of 2011. Yoga practice (sadhana) has permeated every moment of our friendship and partnership since day one! Of course there have been modifications to our daily routines along the way, though maybe none as drastic as the shifts I’ve experienced as a result of this, my first, pregnancy. I offer one of Swami Sivananda’s many quotable sayings  “Adapt, Adjust, Acommodate” for times like these.. and so it is! While Swamiji himself was an advocate for welcoming women into the yogic lifestyle i.e. ashrams and ceremonies, there is still minimal spiritual guidance from the great saints of India on how to maintain practice with direct relation to pregnancy.

And finally, what you can expect to find here over the next 20+ weeks..

Specific asana classes geared for moms-to-be? Abundant! (You can get a yoga class tailored to ANYTHING in the west!!) But advice on how to approach your meditation cushion during the sometimes constant sickness and fatigue of the first trimester? Crickets! Or at least crickets muffling out the voice of the Divine Feminine. Though I may have found Her resources after the despair of my third month had passed, I am still uplifted and exalted to know now that other seekers have confronted this conflict. I will absolutely be sharing their wisdom with you, plus, interviewing women I know personally who have supported me and/or helped pave the way for conscious pregnancy/childbirth/upbringing of pure souls! From my own bank of accumulated learning, I’ll offer simple Ayurvedic remedies, yoga asana variations for pregnancy, breath work, and guided meditations for the whole family to participate in!

As we go along, any requests, questions or suggestions will be received openly! Thanks for sharing life with us. May you be safe and loved and healthy and free!

OM Shanti


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